Abergele Hands Free Pumping Band Strapless Breast Pump Bra Nursing and Expression Bustier 100% Cotton with Three Position Hook and Eye Closure (Nude, Medium) Review

Abergele Hands Free Pumping Band Strapless Breast Pump Bra Nursing and Expression Bustier 100% Cotton with Three Position Hook and Eye Closure (Nude, Medium)

  • COMFORTABLE & FLEXIBLE: Our hands free pumping band is made from pure 100% Pima Cotton that only contains all natural fibers to provide optimum comfort and support. The Supportive fabric makes it gentle and soft on tender skin.
  • HANDS-FREE: This expression bustier allows you to pump without using your hands. It provides you with full mobility so you can get things done and focus on other activities while you pump. This band makes it easy to multitask.
  • HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN: With quality materials and functional features this breast pump band works for mom of infant. Five position hook and eye closures provide the perfect adjustable fit while your body size changes throughout your nursing period.
  • EASY TO USE: We make providing for your baby a breeze. Designed with moms in mind, Abergele makes it easy for mothers to pump and express their breast milk. It easily slips over any nursing bra so you can effortlessly pump with ease.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL PUMPS: Our pumping band is compatible with nearly every pump on the market including brands like Medela, Philips AVENT, Lansinoh, Bellema, Evenflo and Spectra Baby. Start pumping hands-free with Abergele!

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Color:Nude  |  Size:Medium

Look forward to hands-free pumping! With the Hands-Free Expression Bustier Band from Abergele you can comfortably and easily pump and express your breastmilk without using your hands. At Abergele we believe motherhood should always be a joy so we’ve made the most comfortable pumping band on the market. It works with your existing nursing bra and it’s compatible with all pumps. It’s easy to use and allows you to move freely while you express.

This band was designed with mothers in mind. With a super flexible, soft and comfortable fabric, you can count on the comfortability of this nursing bra. Start pumping hands-free with Abegrele!


Allows You To Pump Hands-Free
Freedom to Move
Compatible With All Breast Pumps
Ultra Soft and Comfortable
Fits Over All Nursing Bras
Provides Support
Strapless Design
100% Pima Cotton – All Natural Fibers
Five Position Hook and Eye Closures – Adjusts with you as Your Body Changes
Available in Black and Nude


We know that mothers are the master of multi-tasking and with our hands-free pumping bra you can pump or express your breast milk while you focus on other things. Pumping can be a time-consuming experience but with this expression bustier you can pump and get ready for work, cook, read a book, or just sit back and relax. Our breast pump bra gives you the freedom to engage in other tasks while you pump.

Now you can pump while you enjoy your lunch during your break, or pump on one side as you nurse your baby on the other. Along with providing full mobility, this pumping band is made from a super soft cotton fabric that feels great on tender skin.


It’s quick and easy to use! It works with your existing nursing bras. Simply slip it over the bra, insert the pump breast shields, and you’re ready to start pumping.

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