Arshiner Electric Comfort Breast Pump, 2 Modes 6 Suction Breast Pump Review

Arshiner Electric Comfort Breast Pump, 2 Modes 6 Suction Breast Pump

  • Portable design, one button control. BPA free.
  • Soft massaging cushion gently stimulates milk flow.
  • Rechargeable and integrated style breast pump with a BPA free bottle.
  • 2 modes 6 levels suction pressure for your comfort,
  • Silent motor with mellow and fashion design.

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Arshiner, 100% Brand New.
Material: ABS, Resin, Silica Gel, PP
Whole Size: 9.4 x 3.7inch (H x W)
Bottle Size: 6 x 2.2 inch (H x W)
Breast shield Diameter: 3.7inch
Bottle Volume: 160ml
Power Supply: DC 3.3V (AC Power/2 x AA Battery)
Input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Output: 3.3V DC 1.0A
Package Content: 2 x Bottles, 1 x Connector, 1 x Bottle Stand, 1 x Bottle Cap, 1 x Breastshield, 1 x Massage Cushion, 1 x Massage Engine, 1 x Inner Cup, 2 x Silicone Value, 1 x Nipple, 1 x Diaphragm, 1 x Brush, 1 x AC Adapter

How to use:
1. Please wash your hands before suck.
2. Please wash the product, disinfect and be sure to assembling correctly.
3. Please adjust your sitting position and keep comfortable and relaxed.
4. Turn down the knob switch, and turn to “OFF” position. Turn up the knob switch first gear from “OFF”, and then enter the ready mode.
5. Please alignment the sucking cover center with papilla. Pay attention to fit closely, avoid air throughing from axilla.
6. Ready mode. Adjust the knob switch from “OFF” to “0”, it will feel slightly suction. Breast milk began to sucked out (about 1-2 minutes), and then adjust the knob switch to sucking mode.
7. Sucking mode. Our product have 1-6 gears (gradually heighten), please toggle button according to your body fitness.
8. After finished sucking, please turn to the button “OFF”.
9. Please break down the milk cover from breast after suction disappeared.

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