Bonita Bluum Nursing Cover Up for Breastfeeding Moms – Natural White – 100% Premium Cotton Muslin – Lightweight and Breathable – Soft and Cool for Baby Review

Bonita Bluum Nursing Cover Up for Breastfeeding Moms – Natural White – 100% Premium Cotton Muslin – Lightweight and Breathable – Soft and Cool for Baby

  • 100% Premium Cotton Muslin
  • THE CLASSIC COVER – our minimalist, sheer nursing covers allow moms to nurse discreetly whilst still maintaining visual interaction while baby stays cool and comfortable. Our natural white nursing cover is a minimalist design with no prints or visible logos
  • GENEROUSLY SIZED – measuring 36” wide by 27.5” long, we have created our breastfeeding cover up as a one size fits all apron style garment. Secure it in place with the back tie and neck strap to ensure it remains comfortably in place and benefit from an inside corner pocket too
  • ADJUSTABLE FOR COMFORT – soft, breathable and lightweight it features a rigid neckline, an adjustable neck strap with silver buckle and an adjustable back tie for extra coverage. These unique features mean you can focus on quality time with your little one
  • EASY TO WASH AND STORE – keep your cover up nursing muslin looking like new by washing in your machine. When traveling, you can store the cover up for nursing in the matching carry bag, included with every purchase
  • THE PERFECT GIFT – treat a mom to be or new parents to our practical and stylish baby feeding muslin cover up. The high-quality fabric and thoughtful gift idea will make a nursing mom very happy. It is a great idea for a baby shower gift

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Your must-have nursing cover

If you’re looking for an ultra-breathable lightweight cover this is the cover for you. It is made with one layer 100% premium cotton muslin fabric. Bonita Bluum was born to help mothers build that special cocoon for their baby while breastfeeding on the go. Our lightweight sheer cover provides a breathable overlay for baby and gives mothers extra coverage.

Quality formation for your peace of mind

Bonita Bluum nursing covers are crafted with the lightest, softest, most breathable 100% premium cotton muslin. Baby will hardly know it’s there! We have included a rigid neckline, so mom can maintain eye contact and build that special sense of connection while nursing. The adjustable neck and back straps will ensure the best fit while the inside pocket can be used to store fresh breast pads. Every nursing cover comes with a matching, compact carry bag that makes it easy to store in your stroller, baby bag, or purse.

Perfect for you and your baby

At Bonita Bluum we know every mama is on her own unique journey. With that in mind, we strive to create from our shared experiences. This chic, minimalist nursing cover is designed from the ground up by breastfeeding mothers who saw the need for a product that is as practical as it is stylish. If you have been using a nursing scarf or a nursing poncho you will know that they aren’t always the most comfortable. We have concentrated on improving the comfort of breastfeeding with our must-have nursing cover-up.

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