CANASOUR Chest Silicone Enhancers Fake Breast Forms with Adjustable Stripe Review

CANASOUR Chest Silicone Enhancers Fake Breast Forms with Adjustable Stripe

  • 100% silicone breast
  • each form has a raised nipple,adjustable stripe , So no bra needed,
  • Product come with metal plastic hook for stronger support.Each breast form is tear drop shaped, resembling natural looking breast
  • Material: 100% medical grade silicone, super soft, they bounce like real breast, and feel like real breast.
  • Each breast form has a raised nipple, it can use with any medical grade adhesive spray on glue for adhesive function!
  • Privacy Security Packaging

the main picture shows is the HHH(4000g/pair) ones
Product Material: 100% silicone
adult cd big fake breasts for men baby
A: Breast cancer (Unilateral mastectomy)
B: Small breasts girl
C: Cross dressers

Product Merit:
A: Material advantages, feel soft, cost-effective
B: circular design, show perfect cleavage
C: The transparent vest design, convenient, sturdy
D: On the back of the plane design, specially for cross dressers

A- (500g/pair)apply for 34B/32C . Demensions:Diameter:4.3″ /Thickness:1.8″
A (600g/pair)apply for 32D/34C/36B. Demensions:Diameter:4.7″ /Thickness:2.2″
B (800g/pair)apply for 34D/36C/38B. Demensions:Diameter:4.9″ /Thickness:2.6″
C 1000g/pair)apply for 36D/38C/40B. Demensions:Diameter:4.9″/Thickness:3.0″
D (1200g/pair)apply for 38D/40C/42B. Demensions:Diameter:5.0 /Thickness:3.1
DD (1400g/pair)apply for 40D/42C/44B. Demensions:Diameter:5.1 /Thickness:3.1
E (1600g/pair)apply for 42D/44C/46B. Demensions:Diameter:5.2/Thickness:3.5
F (1800g/pair)apply for 44D/46C/48B. Demensions:Diameter:5.3 /Thickness:3.9
G (2000g/pair)apply for 46D/48C/50B. Demensions:Diameter:5.7 /Thickness:4.5
H (2200g/pair)apply for 48D/50C/52B. Demensions:Diameter:5.7 /Thickness:4.5

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