Covillow Breastfeeding Cover and Pillow-In-One, Peaceful Periwinkle Review

Covillow Breastfeeding Cover and Pillow-In-One, Peaceful Periwinkle

  • The Mom’s Choice Award winning Covillow will enhance your on-the-go breastfeeding experience with its combined breastfeeding cover and pillow-in-one
  • Breastfeed confidently, as Covillow protects your front, both sides, and back, anywhere skin would be exposed by lifting your shirt to breastfeed
  • Extra soft attached pillow provides propping support for mother while baby will surely love the specially designed extra soft pillow and fabric
  • Pillow designed to simply roll or fold and place in diaper bag so it can go anywhere you and your baby go
  • 100% cotton premium designer fabric and prints

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Color:Peaceful Periwinkle

Covillow, the award-winning breastfeeding cover and pillow-in-one, is a unique and exclusive new product combining a breastfeeding cover and pillow into one easy-to-use breastfeeding accessory. Covillow provides unmatched privacy and comfort, while conveniently fitting into a diaper bag for easy transport. Not only does it cover your front, but also covers your sides and your low back, areas typically exposed when lifting your shirt to breastfeed. Mom will enjoy the propping support provided by the attached pillow, and baby will love its soft feel and comfort while breastfeeding. As baby grows, moms also enjoy the benefit of a more secure cover, minimizing the risk of baby pulling the cover off, while playing peek-a-boo, exposing mom. With so many new challenges having a baby and breastfeeding on-the-go, Covillow will simplify your breastfeeding experience and help address your feelings of insecurity when breastfeeding in public. Go ahead and continue enjoying those evenings out to the restaurant, trips to the park, baseball and soccer games, or even shopping at the mall, because with Covillow, you can breastfeed with confidence regardless of time or place. Be confident that a modest breastfeeding mother designed the Covillow to meet the specific needs for todays’ busy, breastfeeding mom.

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