Double Breast Pump – Electric Breast Pump for Perfect Massage and Breastfeeding Assistant, Quiet & Hygienic, Advanced Breast Pump Kit with 2 Modes and 9 Adjustable Suction Levels (A) Review

Double Breast Pump - Electric Breast Pump for Perfect Massage and Breastfeeding Assistant, Quiet & Hygienic, Advanced Breast Pump Kit with 2 Modes and 9 Adjustable Suction Levels (A)

  • CUSTOMIZE THE MODE AND SUCTION LEVEL – This breast pumps have 2 different modes: Massage Mode and Breast-Pump Mode. In Massage phase, the comfortable breast pumps work in high frequency with weak suction which promotes breast dredging and stimulates milk secretion. In Breast-Pump phase, it works in low frequency with strong suction which effectively solves up milk. There are 9 adjustable suction levels for breastfeeding moms to customize milk suction and maximize milk production.
  • CONVENIENT AND EFFICIENT PUMPING – Simple procedure, user-friendly for newbie moms to do the breastfeeding. Our breast pump is made up of fewer parts which are easy to assemble and clean. Ultralight and portable design make it easy for moms to carry around. Big LCD screen provide back-lit reading which is suitable for pumping at night time. Single breast pump and double breast pump can be selected as you like. This breast pump can easily extract all breast milk in only 15 minutes.
  • SAFE AND HYGIENIC MATERIAL – The exhaust filter completely separates the emulsion from air to avoid pollution. The anti-backflow design prevents the breast milk flow back to the main machine causing re-contamination. The pumping machine is made of the material without BPA which is safe for both moms and babies. It is also approved by FDA and CE. No need to worry about the quality and safety of our reliable product.
  • QUIET OPERATION AND HUMANIZED DESIGN – We take both the feeling of moms and babies into consideration. Gland breast pump is designed to relieve mom’s pain of milk rising and the problem of milk storage. The soft flower petal massage pad can prevent leaking breast milk which provides a comfortable pumping experience for moms. Fair-shaped design prevents your babies from hurt. The work volume is less than 55DB which won’t influence baby’s sleeping quality.
  • QUICK CLEAN & EASY ASSEMBLE – Gland breast pumps have only a few parts which could be easily assembled and disassembled. After completely disassembling the machine, you can clean the pumps without any dead ends. All the parts that contact with breast milk are totally BPA and BPS free. The material is suitable for heat sterilization, sterilization by ultraviolet ray irradiation and chemical agent disinfection.

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Two-mode Technology
After turning on, massage mode will keep 120s, then switch to suction mode. The massage mode acts as a warming-up phase to get breasts ready to initiate milk flow by continuously stimulating the breasts in a rapid pumping rhythm. After that, in suction phase, the pumping rhythm becomes slower to maximize the milk flow.

9 Adjustable Suction Levels
There are 9 suction levels to adjust, from level 1 to level 9, the suction is rising. Users can choose the most comfortable level and the level mostly fit her baby’s feeding pattern. Moreover, the intelligent breast pump has a memory function which automatically switches to the optimum suction level (current setting) after the massage.

Isolated System
A hygienic isolated system ensures the milk won’t go backward to tubing or motor and protect the main machine. It also prevents bacteria and mold from breeding and let the baby drink clean and hygienic milk.

Measurable Milk Production
Moms are not sure about whether the amount of their breast milk is enough for their babies when feeding them. Using Gland breast pumps, you can clearly see how much breast milk you produce with the scale on the bottle. You can also see how much milk your baby drink at one meal and adjust the feeding.

Build Good Habits for Your Baby
Babies tend to be dependent on the nipple when they are pumped milk by their moms. Sometimes they even fall asleep when they are sucking the nipple and moms are not sure if the baby is full. Using Gland breast pumps could decrease the time baby spends on sucking the nipple and build them good eating habits. The earlier they are faced with milk bottle, the earlier they get used to it.

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