Geo Nursing Pads, (4 Packs of 60ct) Review

Geo Nursing Pads, (4 Packs of 60ct)

  • ULTRA-THIN & EXTRA-ABSORBENT: Features include multi-layer leak-proof protection with a laminated waterproof lining to keep you feeling dry
  • PERFECT FIT: Contoured design, absorbent leak-proof core and adhesive strips ensure that the pads fit smoothly and discreetly to instill confidence that you look and feel your very best
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Our pads have been tested rigorously against other leading brands and are made from the safest materials including cotton, nylon and super absorbent polymer and conform to the highest quality standards
  • INCREDIBLE CONVENIENCE & VALUE: Today’s moms are busy and always on the move. We get it. That’s why our nursing pads come individually wrapped so they can be thrown into diaper bags, purses, briefcases or pockets for maximum convenience.
  • PACKAGE PERFECT: The sides of the boxes include adorable flashcards to help capture those adorable monthly moments! Check out the entire range of GEO products, available exclusively on Amazon!

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The GEO contoured Disposable Nursing Pads are shaped to provide extra comfort, day or night, while offering a discreet and natural fit. GEO now offers moms a nursing pad without compromising any features: ULTRA-THIN Check. EXTRA-ABSORBENT? Check. LEAK-PROOF Check. PREMIUM COMFORT Check. INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED Check. ADHESIVE STRIPS Check. Our ultra-thin and highly absorbent pads feature multi-layer leak-proof protection, including a laminated waterproof lining, and are guaranteed to keep you feeling dry while wicking away moisture.

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