Honeysuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau (L/XL, Pink) Review

Honeysuckle b'Free Pumping Bandeau (L/XL, Pink)

  • Mom tested for softness and comfort
  • Busy Moms can multi-task and pump at the same time
  • Unique patent pending design accommodates virtually all breast sizes
  • Fits all pump shields and keeps them securely attached
  • Our gift to you! Special mesh laundry bag to extend the life of your b’Free Bandeau

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Imagine,hands-free pumping in complete comfort.It’s yours with Honey-Suckle’s unique patent pending design.Be a multi-task master – free to take that call or write that email – all while pumping.And like all HoneySuckle products,the b’Free Pumping Bandeau is made with only Moms in mind.

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