LaMa Bra for Breastfeeding Engorgement Relief (White) (D) Review

LaMa Bra for Breastfeeding Engorgement Relief (White) (D)

  • Instant Engorgment Relief that’s Discreet
  • Velvetly Cold Paks Comfort Breasts
  • For use when weaning, slowing milk production or when ready to stop breastfeeding
  • Reduce Discomfort and Prolong Breastfeeding Duration
  • For use at home, the office or on the go!

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The LaMa Bra helps reduce the engorgement pain mothers encounter while breastfeeding or during stages of weaning. Specifically designed for comfort, convenience and personal discretion, the LaMa Bra can be worn anytime, anywhere. Designed with your beauty and comfort in mind! • Application of appropriate pressure and form fitting cold paks aids to slow breast milk production and reduce engorgement pain. • Simple sizing by your everyday cup size makes ordering easy. • Multiple shoulder & back strap settings ensure a perfect comfortable fit. • Remove the cold paks and the LaMa Bra can now be your everyday bra! Perfect for Today’s Mom: Discreet. Comfortable. Attractive. Who Uses The LaMa Bra? • Mothers who choose not to breastfeed • Mothers with overactive lactation glands • Mothers for whom breastfeeding is an overly painful and uncomfortable experience • Mothers who wish to shorten their lactation time after weaning • Mothers who have been medically advised not to continue breastfeeding Q. How is the LaMa Bra different than other maternity bras? A. Most maternity bras are produced for mothers that breastfeed their children. The LaMa Bra is created for mothers that do not breastfeed or are ready to stop nursing their children. Equipped with pockets to hold cold paks against the breasts, The LaMa Bra offers a comfortable and discreet aid to slowing breast milk production. Q. How do I determine my size? A. The LaMa Bra comes in 4 sizes based on your normal cup size and is currently offered in Sizes A, B, C and D. The bra is specially designed with multiple setting options to ensure a proper fit for the wearer. Adjust the shoulder straps to provide comfortable yet light pressure of the cold paks against your breasts. The back hook and loop strap has several options to select as your size/shape changes through the various stages of milk production.

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