Manual Breast Pump – Joven Portable Silicone Breastfeeding Pumps with Lid, BPA Free & 100% Food Grade Silicone, Small & Discreet Breast Milk Pump for Mother Review

Manual Breast Pump - Joven Portable Silicone Breastfeeding Pumps with Lid, BPA Free & 100% Food Grade Silicone, Small & Discreet Breast Milk Pump for Mother

  • 100% FOOD GRADE SILICONE – It is made of food-grade soft silicone that comfortably conforms to the breast, and BPA-free materials, it’s FDA approved, safe and healthy. The non-toxic material together with the Back-flow protection mechanism will keep the milk healthy for your baby’s feeding.
  • WHY YOU SHOULD CHOICE Joven ‘S BREAST MILK PUMP? – Breast milk contains a variety of antibodies, newborns can obtain immunity from breast milk. Our breast pump can provide convenience for you, like natural sucking. And soft breast silicone can knead breast, which can reduce the pain during breast sucking and overcome nipple retraction effectively, make breastfeeding mothers healthier and more beautiful.
  • THE SINGLE MANUAL DESIGN – Our hand breast pump is soft and ultra-light designed, easy to install and comfy for sucking milk and perfect for traveling. This small, compact pump is the simplest accessory of them all, and fits easily in your bag, innovative design breakthrough the traditional way of sucking. No battery required.
  • SUSTIONS OF STRENGHTS – Ergonomic long handle and large pumping compartment provides strong suction and labor-saving, has 2 modes, allows you to personalize the strength you pump to meet your need, stimulate milk secrete or quickly pump it out, an anti-dust lid is included to ensure cleanliness of the collected milk.
  • This complete nursing set is the best baby shower gift, any new mother would love it. And Joven always provide great product and shopping experience for our customers, if you have any question about our product, we are always within 3 years backed by 100% money back or replacement guaranteed.

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Joven ‘s manual breast Pump is a brand focus on mom & baby care, which in accordance with breast cover of human physiology, work in with soft bubble shaped silicone bump, massage breast comfortable, gentle and comfortable suction.

Product Features:
Oversized cylinder strong suction sucking fast suction thoroughly, petal type acupoint massage milk pad dredge the breast channels promoting milk secretion.
Ergonomic long handle makes manual pumping comfortable, according to individual physical control suction size, with the most comfortable suction complete suction work.
Size bottle mouth design, used in standard diameter bottle and wide diameter mouth bottle, considerate dustproof design to ensure product clean, sanitary, healthy.
Our breast hand pump is 100% made of food grade silicone, material conforms to national health inspection standard, no BPA, the product has high transparency, strong hardness, easy to clean, and not easily deformed, please use securely.

Using Notice:
➣ The center of trumpet cover of assembled breast pump align nipple and stick the breast.
➣ Sucking the breast milk by grip and loose the handle with the most comfortable physical strength.
➣ After use please dismantle and clean relevant components for the next use.
➣ All parts can be disinfected, disinfection is recommended using professional sterilizer.
➣ Silicone parts please use soft sponge cleaning, rough cleaning easy to cause damage or scratches.
➣ If there is no professional sterilizer, disinfection components should be disinfected in boiling water for 5 minutes, please don’t touch the bottom of hot pot avoid lead damage of the components.

Product Specifications:
✔Color: White
✔Size: 2.8*6.3 in
✔Weight: 6.9 Oz
✔Material: Food Grade Silicone, BPA-Free

1 x Breast Pump
1 x Pacifier
1 x Bottle
1 x User Manual

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