Multi-Use Nursing Cover and Infinity Scarf | Stretchy, Cotton Breastfeeding Covers & Scarves | Car Seat Cover & Canopy | Cart and Highchair Covering | Dreamcatcher Baby Car Seat & Shopping Cart Cover Review

Multi-Use Nursing Cover and Infinity Scarf | Stretchy, Cotton Breastfeeding Covers & Scarves | Car Seat Cover & Canopy | Cart and Highchair Covering | Dreamcatcher Baby Car Seat & Shopping Cart Cover

  • BREASTFEEDING SCARF: The Jazup Scarf Cover is a, soft infinity scarf that can be worn around your neck for style, comfort, and quick access. Its stretchable, breathable material allows you to pull it down to transform into a convenient, private nursing cover for you little one. These nursing scarves provide plenty of room for your baby’s feet to be free, and a wide neck for lots of air and breathing room. Furthermore, the scarf cover is strong enough to help support your baby’s weight.
  • CAR SEAT COVER: This multifunctional breastfeeding shawl also can be utilized as a cover for your baby or toddler car seat. It’s stretchy material easily expands over the seat to provide comfort against the rough material of the car seat. It works great for catching food and spilt drinks as well. Just take the cover off and throw it in the washing machine. You can also use this car seat cover baby seat as a canopy to go over your baby to help alleviate noise and bright light.
  • STROLLER COVER: If you love taking your precious one out for a walk but don’t want him or her getting hit by the sun, wind, or bit by mosquitos, this baby stroller cover is a great option to protect your baby against the elements. It easily stretches over the base of the seat to the top of it, giving perfect coverage for your baby, yet still allowing plenty of room and breathing space. It also provides a great barrier for when your baby is sleeping.
  • SHOPPING CART BABY COVER: Shopping carts are one of the most used, public items and are probably never cleaned properly. Have you ever touched a shopping cart handle and felt how sticky and dirty it felt? Now, imagine that on your baby’s sensitive skin, not to mention how uncomfortable the metal must be on their delicate bodies. Protect your children with these shopping cart seat covers. Just like other seats, they slip over the slot for kids with ease.
  • SUPER STYLISH & COLORFUL: There is no reason to sacrifice being fashionable for being functional. Having a baby or toddler can take up so much of your time and energy, you feel you don’t have time to focus on you. Suddenly, you realize you look more like a “mom” and less like the fashionable and beautiful “diva” you were before having children. There is no reason you can’t be both. Feel beautiful in this gorgeous navy blue scarf with a mutli-colored dreamcatcher design.

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Multipurpose Nursing Scarf
The Jazdup Scarf Cover is so versatile, you will save time, money, and trips to the washing machine. Infant and toddler accessories can cost a fortune. If you were to buy a breastfeeding cover-up, a car seat cover, a baby buggie cover or mosquito net cover, and shopping cart cover, it would cost you a pretty penny. With this multi-use infants breastfeeding shawl, you only have to buy one product and can use it for so many things. Carry it around your neck as a fashion statement or just throw it in your bag, and it’s both convenient and time-saving. And, as a bonus, you only have to wash one item instead of multiple ones!

Made With Care because We Care
We at Jazdup understand how precious and important your baby’s comfort and wellbeing is to your family. Thus, we created a premium, infinity multi-use nursing scarf made of a cotton-rayon blend that’s gentle on your child’s sensitive skin.

Made For Any Environment
While our product may not be able to withstand serious weather conditions, it is designed to protect your baby against the bright sun, heavy winds, light rain, and bugs. Our car seat canopies for babies is great for summer, winter, autumn, or spring.

Design and Color Options:
Sail On: Navy Blue and White Stripes
Elegant Rose: Black with Bright Colorful Roses
My Dear: Grey with White Deer Heads
Dreamer: Navy Blue with Multi-color Dream Catchers

One size fits most, has a larger neck and length than most for added comfort and room.
8.7” x 7.9” x 0.8”

100 Percent Money Back Guarantee
We want you to be totally happy with your purchase, so if you aren’t content with your product (or your baby has any objections), feel free to return your scarf cover for a full refund.

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