Multi-Use Nursing Cover Breastfeeding Scarf-Baby Car Seat Covers-Pink-by Lacreen Review

Multi-Use Nursing Cover Breastfeeding Scarf-Baby Car Seat Covers-Pink-by Lacreen

  • MULTI USE NURSING COVER-Our product has multiple uses: Breastfeeding Cover, Baby Car Seat Cover, Shopping Cart Cover, High Chair Cover, Infinity Scarf, Stroller Cover. You’ll also receive a very nice bundle and a helpful eBook.
  • STRETCHY, SOFT and BREATHABLE-With the perfect combination of rayon and spandex it fits most nursing mothers, car seats, shopping carts or high chairs.
  • PROTECTION and COMFORT for YOU and YOUR BABY-Our nursing cover offers the comfort and privacy you need while breastfeeding and it protects your baby from sunlight, summer heat or wind.
  • EASY TO USE-You can easily access your baby while breastfeeding/nursing or when your little wonder sleeps in the car seat or stroller. Also, using this Infinity Scarf you’ll become a trendy and elegant mom in seconds!
  • MOST APPRECIATED GIFT-With its unique and modern pattern together with the bundle we offer, this multi use cover is the perfect gift for every new mom.

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What is it?

It is a multi use cover that can also be used as:

Privacy breastfeeding cover

Baby carseat cover/canopy

Stylish scarf

Feeding high chair cover

Shopping cart cover

Stroller cover

Lightweight blanket

Carry bag

It can be used by lactating mothers who need privacy and 360 protection from dust, sunlight, bugs or curious strangers or it can be the best baby shower gift for every new mom

It is soft, breathable, stretchy, roomy and light and it can fit most nursing mothers and baby car seats

It offers protection, comfort and a safe environment to your baby


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