PIGEON Breast Pad Honeycomb (30 Pieces) Review

PIGEON Breast Pad Honeycomb (30 Pieces)

  • Extra thin and perfectly fit
  • Maintains form in smooth shape even with the heaviest flow and spreads evenly into the core of the pad, keeping the skin and clothing dry
  • Comes with a special absorbent polymer and stay-dry honeycomb lining to draw excess milk quickly
  • Quilted honeycomb lining provides leak proof coverage
  • Number of Items : 30 pieces/pack

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Size:30 Pieces

These disposable nursing pads provide discrete, comfortable protection to help you stay dry day or night. The pads are individually wrapped with a quilted honeycomb lining to provide leak-proof protection and a unique breathable waterproof layer to ensure complete coverage. The pads will maintain there form and smooth shape even with the heaviest flow. Caution: Change your breast pad every 3-4 hours. Keep pads and wrapper away from children. Do not flush pads down the toilet. If irritation occurs, stop using this product and contact your doctor.

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