Prince Lionheart Bebe Pod Chubs Plus, Orange Review

Prince Lionheart Bebe Pod Chubs Plus, Orange

  • CHUBS means it has extra wide leg holes for those cute, chubby thighs; ergonomically designed for diapered bottoms and an upright view.
  • Super soft foam seating area makes this the best seat in the house – whether on the floor or on a chair.
  • Three-point harness and dual-strap system-the fancy way of saying this is one safe seat.
  • Included: beeped CHUBS cushiony seat, removable pommel, adjustable tray, colorful orange slice placemat, custom toy, 3 sets of straps for ultimate safety.
  • Family owned since 1973 –committed to helping growing families as only a family can!

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Table manners start here. All of Prince Lionheart’s beeped – the Helps-Me-Sit-Seats – are cushiony foam seats that have helped many babies around the world learn to sit upright once they can support their own head. Like tummy time, sitting upright is a new and exciting challenge that delights babies who can now watch the world go by from a different vantage point. The entire seating area is made of cushiony foam that is so comfy on Baby’s bottom that she can sit upright happily while developing trunk muscles and balance. All beeped have a removable pommel that fits between Baby’s legs to provide support, as well as an adjustable tray, colorful orange slice placemat and toy for snack time and play time. Play time is made more fun with the stimulating toy that securely anchors to the tray, preventing it from falling out of reach, keeping Baby fascinated. Why the CHUBS? We listen to our customers and know that a lot of babies have cute, chubby thighs that sometimes need a little bit more room. So we made some. Not only that, but extra space means you’ll get more use out of it. We love when we can get our money’s worth; we made this seat so you’d get yours. beeped CHUBS comes with the foam seating area for comfort, a rigid base for stability, slip-resistant feet for safety, and three sets of straps to keep the seat on the dining chair and the youngest diner in the seat! Lightweight and portable, this seat is ideal for use at home or on-the-go and is intended for babies 3m+ who are able to support their heads unaided and up to a maximum weight of 50lbs, though all of us at Prince Lionheart wish we made beeped in adult sizes!

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