PRO INNOVATION Manual Silicone Breast Pump for Breastfeeding with Lid Flexible Silicone 100% Food Grade BPA Free – Portable Silicone Comfortable Manual Breastmilk Pump Suction For Travel Review

PRO INNOVATION Manual Silicone Breast Pump for Breastfeeding with Lid Flexible Silicone 100% Food Grade BPA Free - Portable Silicone Comfortable Manual Breastmilk Pump Suction For Travel

  • THAT’S IT! Free yourself from the tyranny of cords, tubes, valves and flanges with this sweet little one-piece manual pump and declare words conquered like:ANYWHERE, ANYHOW, ANYWAY and ANYTIME! This High Quality Silicon Material – Made of eco-friendly 100% Food Grade Silicone, BPA Free, free PVCs, phthalates and other toxins. Extremely soft and comfortable to provide the best comfort for your breast during letdown collection. The ergonomic shape provides you more comfort;
  • LID INCLUDED – preventing spilling your precious milk and anti-dust lid will ensure store for a limited period; Anti-dust lid is included to ensure cleanliness of the collected milk. No need to carry around, or attach different wires to start collecting milk. It’s also designed to closely mimic baby’s sucking for a more natural, and comfortable experience.Lightweight and convenient to carry in your handbag or baby diaper bag. No small parts. No assembly required. No plugging.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Collection capacity: 100ml (4oz); Collect milk while nursing on the opposite side, and have enough milk stored away, and on hand for nighttime feeding, or trips, saying goodbye to those tiring midnight pumps. Accommodates with different breasts size. Use friendly, Hand help allow to collect breast milk leaks on the other side by pure gentle natural suction pressure while feeding. Compatible with Other Feeding Products — Milk Storage Containers & Classic Bottles.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – The design of streamlined makes you just need a bottle brush, soap, and water that can remove the bacteria in your bottle. Mini size & Lightweight design – High: 15cm – high side and 8,5 cm- lower side; same size as an average cellphone. Suitable to carry out and put in your bags while travelling outside. Manual pump can be exposing to temperatures between -20° and 250°. High no more as a cellphone and lighter as a fader (Weight: 80 grams / 2.8 ounces).
  • WARRANTY GUARANTEED – MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied with your purchase in 30 days. We here at PRO INNOVATION value you and your baby’s comfort and convenience, so we want to assure you that you’re in good hands. Our costumer is top priority, so no-questions asked Money-Back Guarantee, and Top-Rated Customer Service.

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PRO INNOVATION Silicone Breast Pump special designed for you!

General Description:
After years of research PRO INNOVATION finds out that final design of Silicone Breast Pump is one of the most natural ways to collect breast milk hands-free manually through natural suction pressure.
It is the best natural pump to help you doesn’t waste your precious milk during breastfeeding. Every drop of breast milk counts.


    High Quality Silicon Material;
    100% Food Grade Silicone, BPA Free;
    Lid included;
    Easy to use;
    Lightweight design;
    Easy to clean;
    Lid included;
    Fits any breast size;
    No parts to assemble.

How it works:
A simple yet efficient little gadget to help collect your precious liquid gold.
Made from soft, flexible silicone, this breast pump is all-in-one piece so there are no little parts to assemble – it just works on suction action.
Just put it up to your breast and give a little squeeze on the bottle to create a suction seal. This draws your nipple out gently and catches your milk let down.
You can continue to manually pump by squeezing the bottle in and out.
OR if you are breastfeeding your baby on one side – then put this on the other breast and it will catch your milk letdown after you create the first initial suction.
The milk that would otherwise soak into a breast pads and be unusable.
This is the PERFECT little pump to use to catch all your precious Liquid Gold.
You can use this while your baby is sleeping in the middle of the night, or while out in a restaurant, in the workplace, and even in the airplane.
No squeaky sound (just like some manual pump does or noisy motor from your electric breast pump.

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