Reusable Nursing Pads Bamboo Washable – Breastfeeding Pads for New Moms | AndyMetAli Mommy-to-be Gift: 8 Soft Breast Pads, Laundry and Cute Carry Bag, Baby Bonus | Leak Proof, Thin Breastpads Review

Reusable Nursing Pads Bamboo Washable - Breastfeeding Pads for New Moms | AndyMetAli Mommy-to-be Gift: 8 Soft Breast Pads, Laundry and Cute Carry Bag, Baby Bonus | Leak Proof, Thin Breastpads

  • YOU ARE YOUR BABY’S FIRST ROLE MODEL, TAKE CARE OF MOTHER EARTH; By using cloth nursing pads made from anti-bacterial bamboo rayon, you will avoid sending disposable breast pads to landfills; Our premium packaging is Eco Friendly as well, no box to throw away afterwards; a must for your Baby Registry List; makes a great pregnancy gift for first time moms by only adding a bow to our lovely pouch bag, no gift wrap needed
  • CONFIDENCE, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING A MOM CAN WEAR; As a new mama you feel self-conscious enough, so why worry about stares at breastmilk stains or noticeable pads? Some brands claim their “contoured ” pad fits better, truth is their seams are visible and fall right on top of your sensitive nipples; Others are so thick it seems you stuffed a pancake underneath your tank; FEEL SAFE with our thin and discreet lactation pads, their neutral colors will blend with your clothes
  • TIME IS PRECIOUS WHEN SLEEP DEPRIVED, DON’T WASTE TIME deciding which size is right for you: these milk pads will work perfectly with small or large nipple sizes (look at our explanatory image); SAVE TIME by just putting these breastpads in their laundry bag and throw them to the washing machine or dryer ; DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME having to constantly change cotton pads, instead use our bamboo pads which are more absorbent and have a waterproof backing for no leaks
  • WE WANT TO HELP YOU MEET YOUR BREASTFEEDING GOALS; No matter if you are a stay-at-home or working mom, if you are pumping or experience a natural latch, we know how important is reaching your goal; Order today to get access to our 3 VIDEO SERIES “How to Overcome Breastfeeding Obstacles”; Our 8 Nursing Pads Pack include other EXTRA accessories such as a waterproof and discreet Carry Bag to take your pads on-the-go, a practical zipper Laundry Bag, and a soft Bamboo Washcloth
  • CUSTOMER CARE PROMISE; We are passionate about making breastfeeding mothers enjoy their journey, by offering the finest product and service around; If you are not absolutely happy with your Reusable Breastfeeding Pads, we will replace or refund your order, no questions asked. CONTACT US directly so we can make things right for you; Our Nursing Pads Set makes a great gift for a new mom or pregnant women, click “Add to Cart” now!

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Color:Neutral (white, grey, black)  |  Size:Medium (3.9 in)

I am Dini, mom of Andy and Ali. Our Reusable Nursing Pads are washable breast pads made of super soft bamboo, meant to be your breastfeeding allies. As a mother who struggled nursing her first baby, my passion is to help other moms achieve their breast feeding goals, by making them feel as comfortable and secure as possible. EVERY DROP COUNTS!


It’s eco friendly yet practical, just wash together with baby’s clothes
Soft and breathable bamboo will not stick to nipples
No itchiness or chemicals in contact with your skin, typical of disposable nursing pads
Save money with high quality cloth pads that hold perfect after plenty of washings
Bamboo fibers have hypoallergenic properties, and offer greater absorption than cotton pads

DESIGNED BY A MOM WHO UNDERSTANDS MOMS’ NEEDS: Breastfeeding is rewarding but exhausting, so we deserve to feel good about ourselves! Our pads were designed for that mom who doesn’t want to feel self-conscious at work, at the park, or at the gym:

No bulk underneath with our thin nursing pads
Leak proof backing to prevent embarrassing moments
Neutral colors blend with your bra or nursing tank
Discreet size won’t show even with low cut neck, ideal for small and medium chested women


Show your support in her breastfeeding journey
Water proof, cute carry bag that doubles as thoughtful packaging
Laundry bag with zipper: no hassle sorting pads or untying knots
Handy bamboo washcloth to wipe off baby’s milk mustache

100% Satisfaction with our Customer Care Promise; if you have any issues, we will provide a refund or replacement, period.


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