Single HygieniKit for Ameda Lactaline Personal Breastpump Review

Single HygieniKit for Ameda Lactaline Personal Breastpump

Ameda know how much breastfeeding matters to you and your baby. More than 60 years ago, we invented the first truly comfortable and effective breastpump.With breastpump features like CustomControlTM, Air-lock ProtectionTM and CustomFitTM, no wonder that Ameda is used in more than 50% of maternity units in the UK.Try us on. You will like our adjustability, comfort and performance. You will also love knowing your milk is as pure and clean as Mother Nature made it.Ameda. Mum Inspired. Hospital Trusted.All Ameda HygieniKitsTM are uniquely designed to help protect expressed milk and the baby from bacteria, mould, and viruses.Ameda has the world?s only breast pump with a lab-tested, FDA approved, proven protective barrier.Proven Airlock Protection? means that while a mother pumps Ameda’s diaphragm prevents the air from the pump motor from coming in contact with the expressed milk. As a result the narrow tubing never needs to be cleaned.The Ameda HygieniKitTM Milk Collection System contains all the parts to start milk expressing with your Ameda Lactaline Dual Electric Personal Breastpump or the Ameda Elite Dual Electric Hospital-grade Breastpump.Please note, if you would like to double pump, you need two Hygienikits!

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