Waterproof Bamboo Nursing Pads – Circles Print Review

Waterproof Bamboo Nursing Pads - Circles Print

  • Waterproof on one side and bamboo on the other side
  • Absorbent layers of natural fabrics surged together to form a soft, reliable, washable nursing pad.
  • Extremely soft and luxurious, Hypoallergenic as well as naturally anti-bacterial – Perfect for mom with sensitive skin.
  • Pad for longer lasting, make it reusable, making it more affordable.
  • It’s easy to care for – machine wash and tumble dry. Its porous fibres comfortably wicks moisture away from skin.

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Waterproof!!! Are you looking for an alternative to disposables? You’ll like our incredibly soft and luxurious breast pads/ nursing pads. Bamboo fiber from rayon maintains these unique properties and is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial making it perfect for mom with sensitive skins. These pads long lasting and easy to care for making it affordable. These pads are made from naturally soft and absorbent bamboo fibers from rayon, woven into luxury looped terry.

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