Via Breast Milk Storage Kit

With the fully interchangeable Avent ISIS Breast Pump, and ISIS iQ Breast Pumps you express milk directly into the same containers also used for storing and feeding, without ever transferring breast milk. This time-saving convenience is especially important to preserve valuable nutrients that can be lost each time breast milk is transferred. Avent offers both reusable and disposable storage for breast milk.


  • For on-the-go disposable storage that’s safe, strong and convenient
  • Safely store breast milk up to 3 months in freezer or up to 6 months in deep freeze
  • Use with the Express Bottle and Baby Food Warmer to preserve nutrients
  • Re-sterilize VIA Breast Milk Storage contains up to three times with the
    Express Steam Sterilizers; VIA Bases are also dishwasher-safe
  • Use the containers included to express milk into the same containers used for storing and feeding without ever transferring milk