bioaroma breastfeeding cream-diaper rash cream-baby face rash cream-40ml (1.35 oz) Review

bioaroma breastfeeding cream-diaper rash cream-baby face rash cream-40ml (1.35 oz)

  • Bioaroma 100% Herbal REMEDY for baby and mothers
  • Ideal for diaper rash
  • Ideal cream for breastfeeding
  • No more sore nipples from breastfeeding
  • Amazing baby face rash cream – healing scratches

Triple action: breastfeeding cream, diaper rash cream and healing baby scratches cream Healing action of 100% herbal ingredients for both baby and mother to enjoy breastfeeding. No more sore and wounded nipples from your breast feeding cream. Moisture your nipples with a non-toxic breast cream to make the breastfeeding more confortable for your baby. For Wounded nipples or to prevent sore nipples use cream for breastfeeding: Apply the ointment on your nipples after every breastfeeding, either to prevent or to heal your cracked nipples. You’ve tried numerous diaper rash creams that were not easy to put, didn’t smell well but the most important was that they did’t clear the rash quickly or sometimes not at all. If your baby has a sensitive skin (the majority of babies has) you NEED this baby diaper rash cream. Awesome product to get for smooth feeling and healing, nice smell and easy to put! The only diaper rash cream that doesn’t irritate your sensitive baby. Heals any rash over night!! Use it all the time and you’ll never get a rash in the first place! For baby diaper rash: Apply a very small amount of the ointment after diaper changing to prevent irritations. If there is a diaper rash then apply a thick layer of ointment on your baby’s irritated skin.No massage. Until the next baby’s diaper change the rash will be gone. This cream has amazing results on your baby’s face rash. Some customers also mention that this face rash cream helped their baby’s eczema and note that they are 100% satisfied. For scratches or face rash use your baby face cream: Apply a small amount of the baby face cream on the scratch. After a few minutes the scratch disappears. Baby’s skin because its very sensitive, can recognize the natural ingredients of the cream and helps baby’ skin cells to regenerate. Stop searching diaper rash cream, breastfeeding cream (no more sore nipples) or baby face cream to heal scratches! Get yours TODAY to be calm and relaxed tomorrow!

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