Nenesupply Duckbill Valve for Medela Breastshield Avent Breastshield and Nenesupply Breastshield Replace Avent Valve Medela Valve Work with Medela Pump In Style Symphony Swing Harmony and Avent pumps

  • CONTAINS 4 DUCKBILL VALVES. Designed to use with Medela Pump In Style, Symphony, Swing, Medela Harnony, and Mini Electric. It also works with Philips Avent Electric and Manual breastpumps
  • VALVES HAVE A PULLING HANDLE FOR EASY REMOVING. Remove from breastshield without damagin the valve. No more stucked valves.
  • TIGHT AND SECURE FIT. Valves are attached securely on the breastshields. No more falling valves
  • THE SAME SUCTION POWER AS OEM PARTS. ONE-PIECE VALVE. Less parts to clean and store.
  • MATERIALS DO NOT CONTAIN ANY BPA. Can be sterilized in water steam or boiling water. Comply with EU regulations for materials that contact food. Tested by independent labs for quality and safety.

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  • This product is designed to use with Medela Pump In Style, Medela Symphony, Medela Swing, Medela Harnony, and Mini Electric. It also works with Philips Avent Comfort Electric and Comfort Manual breastpumps. It is also designed to use with Nenesupply Narrow Breastshield. Each valve has a pulling handle. Mothers can easily remove valves from breastshield. No more stuck valves. Valves are attached securely on the breastshields. No more falling valves. The same as Philips Avent’s valve. Compatibility guaranteed! Made from BPA free Materials, and can be sterilized in water steam or boiling water. Comply with EU regulations for materials that contact food. Tested by independent labs for quality and safety.
  • Medela and associated pump models names are registered trademarks of Medela A.G. Switzerland. Nenesupply LLC is an independent company. It is not affiliated with Medela nor are its products endorsed by Medela.
  • Philips Avent is a registered trademark for Philips Electronics Corp.Nenesupply LLC is an independent company. It is not affiliated with Philips.
  • Arshiner Electric Comfort Breast Pump, 2 Modes 6 Suction Breast Pump

    • Portable design, one button control. BPA free.
    • Soft massaging cushion gently stimulates milk flow.
    • Rechargeable and integrated style breast pump with a BPA free bottle.
    • 2 modes 6 levels suction pressure for your comfort,
    • Silent motor with mellow and fashion design.

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    Arshiner, 100% Brand New.
    Material: ABS, Resin, Silica Gel, PP
    Whole Size: 9.4 x 3.7inch (H x W)
    Bottle Size: 6 x 2.2 inch (H x W)
    Breast shield Diameter: 3.7inch
    Bottle Volume: 160ml
    Power Supply: DC 3.3V (AC Power/2 x AA Battery)
    Input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
    Output: 3.3V DC 1.0A
    Package Content: 2 x Bottles, 1 x Connector, 1 x Bottle Stand, 1 x Bottle Cap, 1 x Breastshield, 1 x Massage Cushion, 1 x Massage Engine, 1 x Inner Cup, 2 x Silicone Value, 1 x Nipple, 1 x Diaphragm, 1 x Brush, 1 x AC Adapter

    How to use:
    1. Please wash your hands before suck.
    2. Please wash the product, disinfect and be sure to assembling correctly.
    3. Please adjust your sitting position and keep comfortable and relaxed.
    4. Turn down the knob switch, and turn to “OFF” position. Turn up the knob switch first gear from “OFF”, and then enter the ready mode.
    5. Please alignment the sucking cover center with papilla. Pay attention to fit closely, avoid air throughing from axilla.
    6. Ready mode. Adjust the knob switch from “OFF” to “0”, it will feel slightly suction. Breast milk began to sucked out (about 1-2 minutes), and then adjust the knob switch to sucking mode.
    7. Sucking mode. Our product have 1-6 gears (gradually heighten), please toggle button according to your body fitness.
    8. After finished sucking, please turn to the button “OFF”.
    9. Please break down the milk cover from breast after suction disappeared.

    MADENAL Double Electric Breast Pump Travel Set, Ice Pack, Breastmilk Storage Bags, Super Quiet, Effective and Comfortable with On The Go Cooler Bag

    • BPA Free and a Hygienic Closed System – The hygienic design of the MADENAL Breast Pump prevents your breast milk from coming into contact with the tubing. All the parts that touch breast milk are BPA free
    • Three Operating Modes and Nine Gear Suction Power – After you switch on the pump, it will automatically start in a gentle massage mode to encourage letdown. You can then choose from 9 suction power settings to find the one that’s best for you.
    • Massage Cushion Stimulates Milk Flow – The pump features a soft cushion with 5 textured petals intended to gently help stimulate your milk flow. The cushion mimics your baby’s natural sucking, and this helps to stimulate your milk flow and make the pumping more comfortable.
    • Easy to Assemble and Clean – The MADENAL Double Electric Breast Pump offers the convenience of a quick, easy assemble and clean system. You can assemble and disassemble in 5 -10 seconds.
    • Attractive Tote Bag and Mains Operated – USB power supplier creates opportunities for wider usage. It can be connected to a power bank computer and an outlet. A purpose-built MADENAL carry bag, with its own ice bag, provides a functional, compact method of transportation for your pump, plus it assists in keeping your breast milk bottles cool.

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    Color:Breast Pump

    For Working or Stay-Home Moms whose desire is to pump successfully in the least amount of time, MADENAL Pump is a daily use breast pump designed for moms who pump several times a day and offer portable convenience for discreet pumping anywhere.
    1: All the parts that touch breastmilk are BPA free.
    2: It is the closed-system electric breast pump prevents your breastmilk from coming into contact with the tubing.
    3: 3 Expression technology and 9 suction power produces more milk in less time when pumping at Maximum Comfort Vacuum in the expression phase.
    4: It’s very quiet and makes you feel very natural.
    5: Big cooler bag holds everything you need to pump & travel and keep breast milk bottles cool.
    6: Mains Operated & USB Power Supplier lets you pump anywhere, anytime.
    7: The standard opening allows you use your bottles to store your milk.

    What Is Included:
    1 X Pumping Kit
    2 X Breast Shield Flange
    3 X Bottle
    2 X Bottle Stand
    1 X Power Adaptor
    3 X Nipple
    1 X Cooler Bag
    2 X Ice Packs
    20 X Breastmilk Storage Bags
    1 X USB Cable

    Helpful Hints:
    1: Store breast milk at room temperature (<=77º/ 25ºC) for 4-6 hours or be refrigerated immediately.
    2: Do not microwave the milk to thaw. Place the bottle in room temperature water to thaw.
    3: Do not thaw and refreeze. Once thawed, the milk should be kept in refrigeration and used within 24 hours.
    4: Do not add warm breast milk to frozen breast milk.
    5: Frozen breast milk should be used within 6 months after freezing.

    Haakaa Breast Pump Manual Breast Pumps Silicone Breastfeeding Pump Milk Pump 100% Food Grade Silicone (3.5oz/90ml)

    • Award winning and best sellers. Recommended by nursing moms, magazines, celebrities Chrissy Teigen & John Legend, doulas and lactation consultants, just make sure you are getting only the original silicone breast pumps of haakaa international brand.
    • Patented design. Pat. No. USD810,925S. Perfect for anywhere – haakaa breast pump cann fit anywhere you would like to discretely express or when you wake up in the middle of the night engorged.
    • Extremely Soft,Comfortable and Safe, Approved FDA,100% high quality food grade silicone.Every mom wants green safely baby products and the hakaa pump is BPA PVC and Phthalate Free.
    • Easy to use. Lightweight and Portable. Simply suction to your breast and let the pump do the work for you as it draws your milk using suction, or you can use it for letdown what would otherwise be lost in a breast pad as you breastfeed on the other breast. perfect for long distance trips, planes, car rides or anywhere you would like to discretely express silently and quickly.
    • Safe for dishwasher and can be sterilized.No cords,batteries or assembly required. It’s easy to clean and use.

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    Maymom 9 Volt Car Charger for Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump; FCC Approved, Replaces Part # 67174

    • Pump in Style comes in two types in terms of input voltage, 9V and 12V. You can identify its volatage by looking at the faceplate of your pump. This car charger is designed to be used with the “9VDC” pump. If you have a 12VDC pump, DO NOT buy from this listing.
    • Pump on the go with 8-foot long cord so you can pump in the back seat of the car
    • USA based customer service & One-year replacement warranty from Manufacturer
    • FCC approved for safey; UL listed Cord; CE/RoHS comliant components
    • Replaces Medela Part # 67174 in Retail Packaging; Satisfaction guaranteed.

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    Color:Car Charger

    car charger; it can replace medela battery pack.

    One year warranty from Maymom.

    Disclaimer: Medela, Pump in Style, Symphony, Lactina, Swing, Swing-Maxi, Freestyle, are registered trademarks of Medela AG, Switzerland. Maymom is not affiliated with Medela.

    AOV Electric Breast Pump Breastfeeding Pump Double/Single Milk Pump 9 Suction Mode with Screen

    • 【ELECTRIC DOUBLE BREAST PUMP】: AOV electric breast pumps has 9 suction power settings adjustable,1- 4 massage mode,5-9 mimic baby sucking breast,sucking two side at once,One button to switch ,simple operation.
    • 【ANTI-BACKFLOW DESIGN】:Protect the mainframe,extend the service life.
    • 【BPA Free】: All the machine parts of this breastfeeding pump including the milk bottle and pacifiers are all PP or  silica gel materials and without BPA,which can be boiled and disinfected at high temperature.
    • 【LOW NOISE DESIGN】:Our electric breast pump use low voice mode without disturb the sleeping baby.
    • 【3 WAYS TO SUPPLY POWER】 – AC adapter;USB connection(You can use a power bank to supply power); 4PC 1.5V alkaline batteries (not included)

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    It is difficult to exaggerate the magnitude of breastfeeding. Breast milk can provide abundant nutrients for babies and help them grow healthily. However, these days, some mothers are likely to return to work not long after they give birth. This electric breast pump will be good news for them. They can make use of this device to express milk and store it in bottles in order that other caregivers can feed babies with it. Furthermore, in comparison with the traditional manual breast pump, the electric one is easier to use. Why not take one home and try out?Why you need a electric double breast pump?

    Why you need a electric double breast pump?

    Some mothers have enough milk,the baby can not drink up at once,

    the remaining milk left in the breast is easy to cause Breast swelling, inflammation, 

    and variety of breast problems, affecting mother’s health.

    Help new mom to secretion of colostrums after childbirth. 

    For the Working mom to solve the problem of breast milk storage, to meet the baby at any time to drink milk demand.

    Avoid breast pain caused by breast engorgement , at the same time prevent mastitis, protect breast health.


    Does this fit other bottles or just the ones posted in the package?

    Can it pump directly into lansinoh storage bags?

    You can change your own bottles(lasinoh storage bag) if the caliber and the thread is the same with the machine.

    Power input:

    AC 110V – 220V/DC 5V Or 4pcs 1.5V AA alkaline batteries (not included)

    Package Contents: 

    1 x Breast Pump

    2 x Baby Bottle

    2 x Bottle Base

    2 x Rubber Teat

    4 x Suction Valve

    1 x Adaptor

    1 x USB Cable

    1 x English User Manual

    IBERLS 9V Power Supply Cord Replacement Medela Power Adapter Medela Pump in Style Original Traveler Advanced Breast Pumps (Manufactured January 2008 After), 5Ft Long Cable 

    • Power Specs : AC 110-240 V to DC 9V power supply, 5 feet of power cable.
    • Safety: Special design and high quality materials ensure that the adapter is kept in low temperature to charge safely,and its low energy consumption conform to the US Energy Star VI.
    • Designed specifically for Medela Breast Pumps.
    • Replacement Medela Power Adapter P/N: 9207010
    • Compatibility: Medela Pump In Style Original and Traveler Advanced Breast pumps (Manufactured January 2008 and after)

    Breastshield Adapter for Medela Breastshield Bottle Thread Changer Breastpump Converter Use Medela Breastpump Pump Into Wide Mouth Bottle Use on Pump In Style Swing Symphony Harmony and Avent Bottle

    • PUMP DIRECTLY INTO AVENT BOTTLES FROM MEDELA BREASTPUMPS.CONTAIN 4 BREASTPUMP CONVERTERS and 4 SEALING RINGS. Adapt Medela breastpump / breastshield to fit Avent bottles. Replace Medela Converter and Avent Conversion Kit.
    • WORK WITH ALL MEDELA BREASTPUMPS: Medela Mini Electric, Harmony, Pump In Style, Swing, Freestyle Breastpumps.
    • WORK WITH AVENT BOTTLES AND NENESUPPLY WIDE NECK BOTTLE: Avent Classic bottles, Avent Natural PP bottles, Avent Glass bottles, and Nenesupply wide neck bottles. Does Not work with Avent VIA cups.
    • LEAK PROOF AND SEALING RING ENCLOSED. Embeded leak-proof design. Also include sealing rings. You can use it on all the above breastpumps without leaking problems.

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    Size:4 pc

    “Do you use Medela breastpumps but feed your baby with Avent or other wide-neck bottles? With this product, you can pump directly into Avent bottles without transfering milk from standard bottles to wide-neck bottles. This breastpump converter can be used with Medela Mini Electric, Harmony, Pump-In-Style, Swing, Freestyl Breastpumps. You can pump directly into Avent Classic bottles, Avent Natural PP bottles, Avent Glass bottles, and Nenesupply wide-neck bottles. Every converter has embeded leak-proof design, and also includes sealing rings. You can use it on all the above breastpumps without leaking problems. Note: This converter does not work with Avent VIA cups.”

    Philips Avent Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump

    • •More comfortable pumping position due to unique design
    • •Soft massaging cushion gently stimulates milk flow
    • •Choose from 3 expression settings (low, medium, high) after starting in the gentle stimulation mode
    • •Includes a 25mm cushion and a 19.5mm is available for purchase separately
    • •Compact, lightweight design for ease of use and transport – fewer, lightweight parts

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    Philips AVENT SCF334/13 Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump helps you save time and lets your baby enjoy the benefits of breast milk. Unlike breast pumps that only operate properly when you lean forward, the Philips AVENT Double Electric Breast Pump allows you to sit comfortably upright as you pump because the pump’s angled neck lets milk flow naturally from breast to bottle. The pump also has a unique, soft cushion with 5 massaging petals that help gently stimulate milk flow by mimicking your baby’s natural suckling patterns. The breast pump is simple to use, with only a few lightweight parts that are easily assembled. Parts are dishwasher safe and can be sterilized for easy cleaning. It includes the Natural bottle and nipple for easier latch-on and transition between breast and bottle feeding. The Philips AVENT Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump is backed by a 2-year warranty.