Breast Shells breastmilk Collector & Nipple Shield(Pack of 4).Nursing Cups Milk Saver/Catcher & Latch Assist Perfect for Nursing Mothers with Inverted & Sore Nipple.Milk Savers for Breastfeeding


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So Slick Nursing Cup is an easy to use, safe and efficient way to save all the much-needed breastmilk leaks while breastfeeding or lounging at home. The Milk-Saver /Nursing cups collects the “liquid gold” that is leaked as your breast milk lets down thus saving lots of milk that would otherwise go to waste while using a pad!  

Simply Place each Nursing Cups directly onto the nipple and under your nursing-bra of the non-nursing side of the breast, with the Spout Pointing Up. Once you’ve finished your breastfeeding session Safely remove the Nursing Cups by leaning forward to prevent spillage and transfer the collected milk into storage bag or sterilized bottle to be refrigerated and fed later to your baby. 


SLIM AND WELL MOLDED: The Cups molds comfortably to the breast thanks to its concave shape and it soft round shape imitates the look of the breast. It protects sore or cracked nipples by keeping clothes off them and avoid nipples from friction 

SOFT AND SAFE SILICONE MATERIAL(BPA-free): Soft and flexible silicone material reduces the pressure of breast and fits your body more snugly. No longer suffer from hard plastic. Breast Shells are made of food-grade material(BPA-free) which guarantee the safety for your health. And the soft silicone base of the shield reduces the pressure of breast and fits 

UNIQUE DESIGN OF AIR VENT: The design of Air vent allows for airflow so the nipples can heal and be ventilated. It’s also convenient for transferring milk to bottles  

OTHER FEATURES OF THE PRODUCT: Fits any sizes of bra without influencing the appearance. Reusable and Easy to Clean, Wash, Dry and Place it Back in the Breast  


For Easy Latch and  helps with Inverted Nipple

Breast Shells Nursing Collecting Cup for Moms + 2 Free Nipple Shields, Suction Pump Nipple Shield for Breastmilk, Protects Sore Nipples, Breast Shell Milk Saver Storage Kit| Super Soft Silicone

  • 1. COLLECT & PROTECT – Unlike nursing pads that just soak up liquids let-down, our breast shells helps you effortlessly collect milk leakage while relieving pressure. Each shell is made with food-grade silicone material that can hold up to 2 ounces each side, that’s 4 ounces of safe storage! Never have an embarrassing episode of wet T-shirts again and save every last drop. A complete Milk Saver!
  • 2. SORE NO MORE – Most leading brands are made from hard plastic which are uncomfortable and irritate sensitive nipples. Our shells are made of Ultra Flexible and Super Soft BPA Free Silicone designed to fit comfortably under your bra. Helps alleviate and soothe nipple soreness and prevent cracked, flat or inverted nipples.
  • 3. NEW 2018 DESIGN – Nipples can be tender and sensitive after breastfeeding. Our upgraded design of breathable Air Vents allows for ventilation and airflow so your tired breasts can air out, relax and heal. Stop wasting and collect every last drop! The Air Vents also makes for quick and easy transfer of excess milk straight to your baby’s bottle!
  • 4. PERFECT GIFT IDEA – BabyBear soft shells set are comfortable to wear and have a low-profile design with a flattering contour to give a natural appearance underneath clothes. They are Ultra lightweight and portable so you can take them on the go. Making it the perfect baby shower present for women with new born babies. Can easily fit in your purse bag, baby diaper caddy, or car. Keep your clothes dry and save your milk!
  • 5. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – BabyBear wants you to know how much we care about you and your little ones. Any questions or concerns you may have, we are here to support you every step of the way. Purchase RISK FREE with a 90-Day money back guarantee!

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Many woman experience discomfort or pain in their nipples while breastfeeding.  

Here at BabyBear we work to provide the best solutions for you and your beautiful baby girl or boy. Why spend time being frustrated about wet clothing, wasting milk, sore nipples? We have created the #1 simple solution for your nursing needs, so you can spend Keep Calm and Feed On 🙂

Product Features

✓ Soft and Gentle – Nipple Shields alleviate pain of rubbing friction

✓ Discreet Storage – Nursing Cups are easily concealed under a loose shirt or a bra with padding. Stores up to 2oz each

✓ Healthy and Quality – built with Food-Grade Material (BPA-Free)

✓ Small and Portable – Nicely fits inside your purse, take it with you to go.

✓ Compared to breast-feeding pads, they are easier to clean and keep you clothes dry. Wash in hot soapy water and sterilize.

What’s Included

2 x Breast Shells 2 x Nipple Shields

Product Specifications

100% Medical Grade Silicone, Inner Diameter – 35mm, Outer Diameter – 95mm

Important Notes

► Use only during the day

► For sore nipples, breast shells can be worn continuously between breastfeeding sessions

► Clean and Sanitize before each use

► Breast milk is good up to 6 hours at room temperature

► Place on breast with Air Vent facing up

► Leaking may occur if you bend over and breast cup is full

► Stop use if irritation or discomfort persists

**Milk left in the container too long can become contaminated**

This Breast cup milk saver set is an absolute Essential for your Diaper bag. Any new mother or nursing mom would love to have this! Perfect for gift for Baby Shower Party and Gender Reveal Parties

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Medela Tender Care Lanolin Tube, 2 ounce (2 Pack)

  • Offers soothing relief and provides protection to tender nipples
  • Hypoallergenic; all natural ingredients, 100% safe for mom and baby
  • No need to remove before breast feeding
  • No-mess application; glides on smoothly and gently
  • All natural ingredients, 100% safe for mom and baby / Glides on smoothly and gently

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Medela’s tender care lanolin advanced nipple therapy offers soothing relief and provides protection to sore nipples. 100% safe for mom and baby. No need to remove before breastfeeding. No mess application glides on smoothly and gently. All natural ingredients. 2 ounce tube. Save More with 2 pack!!!

Silicone Contact Nipple Shield with Carrying Case for Breastfeeding Mothers(Standard 20mm,2 Pack), Imitation Breast Shape and 4-holes Design, Lifesaver for Temporary Latch On Difficulties

  • 100% CLEAR VIEW FOOD GRADE SOFT SILICONE MATERIAL – Food grade soft silicone is a kind of safe and non-toxic material that was confirmed stable and virtually harmless to humans. It’s been highly recommend to use in Baby Products, as it won’t react with food and drink when cooking and chewing.Our nipple shields are lightweight,non-toxic, BPA Free, BPS Free, latex free, phthalate free, lead free, and worry free. The shields also come inside a complimentary case for storage
  • USE FOR BREASTFEEDING OR PUMPING – Protects sensitive nipples during breastfeeding, Soft nodules gently stimulate your milk flow.Babies get the natural breast milk to meet their body needs from mother. Healthier babies prefer Mommy’s milk. Standard 20mm in diameter and unique Imitation breast shape allows for more skin contact between mom and baby
  • FLEXIBLE & SOFT – Soft cushions protect sore nipples and chafing.Gentle pressure on areola relieves engorgement. Perfect for poor latch, flat/inverted & sore cracked nipples,tongue or lip tie, or overactive let-down
  • VENTILATION HOLES CREATE AIR CIRCULATION – 4 holes in the tip allow for smooth milk flow and eliminates milk pooling to keep nipples dry, which promotes healing
  • KINDLY REMINDER – Nipple shields with a protective case for hygienic & convenient storage. Washable or sterilized by boiling.Comfort breast shells should not be worn for more than 40 minutes at a time(The fifth image is the use steps)

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Comfort breast shells protect sore, cracked nipples and provide relief from engorgement during or between pumping and nursing. The ventilated inner shell, padded by a soft silicone cushion, gently presses on the areola, creating a slow trickle of milk. The outer shell prevents leaks, holding the milk until it can be collected or discarded. The silicone shells and pads can be sterilized by boiling.

bioaroma breastfeeding cream-diaper rash cream-baby face rash cream-40ml (1.35 oz)

  • Bioaroma 100% Herbal REMEDY for baby and mothers
  • Ideal for diaper rash
  • Ideal cream for breastfeeding
  • No more sore nipples from breastfeeding
  • Amazing baby face rash cream – healing scratches

Triple action: breastfeeding cream, diaper rash cream and healing baby scratches cream Healing action of 100% herbal ingredients for both baby and mother to enjoy breastfeeding. No more sore and wounded nipples from your breast feeding cream. Moisture your nipples with a non-toxic breast cream to make the breastfeeding more confortable for your baby. For Wounded nipples or to prevent sore nipples use cream for breastfeeding: Apply the ointment on your nipples after every breastfeeding, either to prevent or to heal your cracked nipples. You’ve tried numerous diaper rash creams that were not easy to put, didn’t smell well but the most important was that they did’t clear the rash quickly or sometimes not at all. If your baby has a sensitive skin (the majority of babies has) you NEED this baby diaper rash cream. Awesome product to get for smooth feeling and healing, nice smell and easy to put! The only diaper rash cream that doesn’t irritate your sensitive baby. Heals any rash over night!! Use it all the time and you’ll never get a rash in the first place! For baby diaper rash: Apply a very small amount of the ointment after diaper changing to prevent irritations. If there is a diaper rash then apply a thick layer of ointment on your baby’s irritated skin.No massage. Until the next baby’s diaper change the rash will be gone. This cream has amazing results on your baby’s face rash. Some customers also mention that this face rash cream helped their baby’s eczema and note that they are 100% satisfied. For scratches or face rash use your baby face cream: Apply a small amount of the baby face cream on the scratch. After a few minutes the scratch disappears. Baby’s skin because its very sensitive, can recognize the natural ingredients of the cream and helps baby’ skin cells to regenerate. Stop searching diaper rash cream, breastfeeding cream (no more sore nipples) or baby face cream to heal scratches! Get yours TODAY to be calm and relaxed tomorrow!

Medela Contact Nipple Shields, 24mm Nippleshield, 2 Count with Carrying Case, Made without BPA

  • DESIGNED FOR EFFECTIVE BREASTFEEDING IN SPECIAL SITUATIONS: Medela Contact Nipple Shields were made to address common breast milk feeding issues that moms and babies face that may impact their nursing success; contact nipple shields can be helpful for those with flat or inverted nipples and those experiencing latching difficulties, soreness, and/or overactive letdown
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN FOR MORE CONTACT: Made of 100% ultra-thin, soft silicone, Medela contact nipple shields feature a unique design with a cut-out area that encourages maximized skin contact between you and your baby while promoting the mother-baby bond
  • CONSULT WITH A HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL PRIOR TO USE: Use our contact nipple shields under the direction and guidance of a physician, lactation consultant, or other healthcare professional to ensure proper use and to address any underlying breastfeeding challenges or issues
  • MADE WITHOUT BPA: Like all other Medela breast pump parts and accessories that come into contact with breast milk, our contact nipple shields are – and have always been – made without BPA
  • CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE FOR WHEN ON THE GO: Included are 2 contact nipple shields and a portable carrying case for when traveling or on the go; always have an extra nipple shield on hand for convenience; keep your spare safely protected in its carrying case and ready to use when needed

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Size:24 mm

Medela Contact Nipple Shields can be an effective tool for professionals and moms to temporarily assist and address common breastfeeding issues. Challenges such as infants with latching difficulties and moms with overactive letdowns, soreness, and/or flat or inverted nipples can often impact breast milk feeding success and be disheartening for those who wish to continue feeding their baby breast milk. Our contact nipple shields enable continued breastfeeding without interruption while these difficulties are resolved.

What’s Included: (2) Medela Contact Nipple Shields, 24mm, size Medium; (1) Protective Carrying Case; (1) Instructions for Use

Please note that these contact nipple shields should be used under the guidance of a healthcare professional and/or lactation specialist. Sizing is determined based on the size of your baby’s mouth; however, we offer 3 convenient sizes so you can easily find the most comfortable fit for you and your little one. These contact nipple shields come in packs of 2, so you can always have a spare ready. They also come with a convenient carrying case for easy portability and protection while traveling or when on the go, so breastfeeding your baby is never an inconvenience.

MAM Nipple Shield, Size 2 2 per pack - Pack of 2

  • MAM Nipple Shield, Size 2 2 per pack – Pack of 2
  • Quantity: 2

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MAM NIPPLE SHIELD (SIZE 2) Nipple shields are a short term breastfeeding aid, used to protect sore or cracked nipples Silky soft silicone surface – feels completely familiar Special MAM shape, extremely thin – for maximum skin contact Size 2 – medium/large nipples BPA FREE Pack includes 2 shields and 1 sterilisable carry case