Millybutton Breast Feeding Accessory,”Makes Every Shirt a Nursing Shirt” Review

Millybutton Breast Feeding Accessory,

  • Makes every shirt a nursing shirt and frees your hands for pumping and nursing
  • Made by moms for moms in the USA
  • Medical grade silicon does not contain BPA and is baby and dishwasher safe
  • Wear as a bracelet to keep track of nursing sides
  • Magnetic clasp is safe for all fabrics – no snagging or crimping

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Makes Every Shirt a Nursing Shirt. Let’s face it, what mother doesn’t need an extra hand. Millybutton secures your clothing so your hands can position baby to breastfeed or to pump. Clothing is out of the way and protected, while enabling a better latch, skin-to-skin and eye contact to promote bonding. Breastfeed successfully and feel empowered. Medical Grade Silicon does not contain BPA, is baby-safe and Millybutton is conveniently dishwasher safe. Invented by a Pittsburgh Mom and Made by Moms for Moms in USA. Makes a great present for a new mom.

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