Mother-K Breastmilk Storage Bags (10oz – 25 CT) Review

Mother-K Breastmilk Storage Bags (10oz - 25 CT)

Size:25 Count

Natural, safe and hygienic products are at the heart of Mother-K products. The non- endocrine disruptor and non-toxic materials of the milk bags keep all the nutrients of your milk without any harmful chemicals or loss of quality. The double zipper design keeps every drop of milk safe from leaks. These free-standing temperature display bags are BPA free. There are three different temperature indicators on the bag (low, appropriate and high) allowing for accurate feeding temperature for your baby. The bag also allows for dates and quantity fill to be displayed. Mother-K Awards Parents World Award—Best Organic & Natural product, 2014 Grand prize of Premium Brand Award voted by female consumers 2015, 2016 Top Brand of Korea Satisfaction Consumer Index (KSCI) 2014 Top 100 Products selected for VIP Asia Award (2010 Mother K Zipper bags, 2015 Mother K breast milk storage bag, breast pad) Parents World Award—Best of the Best Products for Babies and Kids (Baby Laundry), 2015 Mother & Baby Award—Best Product (Wet Tissue 2014, Baby Laundry 2015) MANUFACTURE Established in 2010 as the eco-friendliest brand for modern mothers. Mother-K produces truly caring and trustworthy products for babies and children. Their passion is providing Mothers with supplies they need to organize and make motherhood the most joyous experience. With their own subsidiary design research center, Mother-K ensures that no additives or harmful elements are in any other their products. Mother-K has won international acclaim and won multiple awards by both clients and organizations, making it one of the most relevant companies for baby products today.

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