Pumping Mom Bundle: Wet Dry Bag for Pump Parts + 2 Washable Nursing Pads (Flowers) Review

Pumping Mom Bundle: Wet Dry Bag for Pump Parts + 2 Washable Nursing Pads (Flowers)

  • Wet Dry Bag: Polyester
  • ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS. Save money & the environment. No more Ziplocs and disposable nursing pads.
  • WET/DRY BAG: Eliminates the need to wash breast pump parts after every pumping session.
  • Two pockets separate clean from dirty parts. Refrigerate bag with pump parts inside to keep them clean.
  • MAT: Place pump parts on water-resistant placing mat to keep parts sterile. Wipe dry after each use and store in dry compartment of pump parts bag.
  • BAMBOO NURSING PADS: Soft absorbent inner layer soothes chafed and sore nipples. Water-proof backing to prevent leaking all day and night.

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The Pump 2 Nurse “Purse” makes pumping on-the-go simpler than before. It is a wet/dry bag that keep your used and unused pump parts separated, while transporting them discreetly. BPA-, PVC-, Phthalate-, and Lead-free. Keep pump parts in bag and refrigerate between pumping sessions. The “Purse” can be washed in the sink along with your pump parts and hung to dry. Machine washable. Tumble dry low…Reusable and washable nursing pads are a smart and excellent choice for nursing and pumping mothers. Soothe your chafed and sore nipples with the super soft nursing pads and keep yourself dry all day and night. To wash, put nursing pads inside the Pump 2 Nurse “Purse” wet/dry bag and wash in warm/hot setting. Tumble dry low.

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